December 18, 2012

DIY Kid's Felt Board

As a continuum of finding things to make for my 3 year old to do on cold winter days, I came up with making her a felt board.
I had a picture frame in the garage that my husband had kicked over and broken the glass out of.  I was going to throw the frame away, but held onto it in case I could find a good use for it and viola!
My mom was visiting and was kind enough to go to Walmart for me to pick up felt.  I told her any color, any kind since I didn't really have it all planned out in my head how the board was going to look yet.  I had just gotten home from my surgery a few days earlier and thought this would be a nice project since I was housebound for the next couple of weeks.
My mom came home with the felt, some of which already had sticky backing.  We used these to make the background of the board and it worked great. 
Then we spent the next 3 hours creating, cutting, and hot gluing all the little pieces that would go on the board to create little scenes for my daughter. We made things for a city, outdoor activities, camping, etc.

 I put all the little felt pieces we made into a zip lock baggie and when she woke up from her nap she was thrilled to play with it.  It turned out better than I expected, since I am usually a planner and prepper and had not pre-thought this project out.
Love it and she does too!

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