January 18, 2014

Wallenborn Geyser and Honey shop

If you are looking for a simple and low key 
little afternoon trip, then this is the one for you.
Kids will especially enjoy this one!
About 30 minutes from Spangdahlem AFB is a little village called Wallenborn.
Within this village are 2 small attractions:  the first is a little honey shop.  Kids can sample about 15 different flavors of honey.  The store is family and locally owned.  It has things like jars of honey, beeswax candles, gift baskets, honey jams, lotions, etc.  All are great gifts to send back home or small gifts for friends.  The address is:  Neue Strasse 3, 54570
Their Website is here.
The village is super small that you drive through.  On the last road of your trip you'll see a little shack on your right and then a couple hundred feet farther you'll see the honey shop.  It is a small shop attached to a warehouse like house on your left and there is some Bee decorations and such in the shop window.
If you have a 'panther paws' book (if you are stationed on Spangdahlem AFB you'll know what this is) then it describes that you can take a tour of the bee grounds and see how honey is made.  This, however, was definitely not true for us.  When we went, no one was available to show us around but they let us go freely on our own to the backyard area where they had bees kept and also a small bee house. 

I checked out the back first before bringing my kids back there and I'm glad I did.  There were bees swarming everywhere!  So, a note to those who go...just visit the awesome bee shop.

As I said before on your way to the bee shop there will be a small shack on the right.  This is where you go to see the geyser.  The is a natural cold water geyser.
This is the view from the bee shop to the geyser.  If you look on the left you can see a few cars and a tiny looking 'log cabin' looking shack where the tickets are sold.
You pay 1 euro per person to an attendant in the little shack/house and they give you a ticket and an information pamphlet on the geyser.  There are benches available to sit while you wait for the geyser's eruption.  The geyser erupts about every 30 minutes. 
There is tree cover around the benches for shade on a hot day and it's fun to sit with anticipation for the eruption.  If you have kids it’s a great little experience.  (however, there are no bathrooms anywhere for little ones-just FYI) 
We watched the geyser erupt 3 times.  In between the eruptions we played at a park down the street.  If you are at the geyser you can see it from the benches and it's about a 1 minutes walk up the street.  It's kind of primitive but they have an awesome swing zip line that makes waiting for the next geyser eruption fly by. 

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