April 21, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Gift

Teacher Appreciation Gift Alternative

Let’s face it-teachers have one of the toughest jobs in the world.  Hat’s off to any person that is willing to work all day shaping the minds of our little ones, staying up late grading papers, making lesson plans and updating class websites.  As well as, working weeks through the summer to set up their classroom with a fun and interesting theme to inspire their students.
Teacher Appreciation week is a great time to thank your child’s teacher or daycare provider.  If you can’t do something small each day of the week, then doing something at least one day of the ‘appreciation week’ is well received. You could even do an end of the year gift for your child's teacher.
My sister is a teacher and she appreciates getting gift cards-to anywhere, really.  Getting USEFUL gift cards is great, such as:  Michael’s arts and crafts, Paneras, any restaurant, etc. 
If you want to do something more personalized, you can always help your child make a sweet gift.  Pinterest has a ton of ideas!  But, you can also put together a themed gift.  Gourmet coffees with a travel mug is always nice, when you include a hand written note from the student with it. 
Last year my son had a male teacher and he was AMAZING!  I looked to Pinterest to help me find a ‘manly’ teacher appreciation gift and didn’t find anything really great…it seemed like many gift ideas included beer or were kind of cheesy.
So, I took it upon myself to make a gift basket that I was hoping would be useful and fun at the same time. 
I went to a local store in my village (yes, I said village-we live in Germany and there are little towns everywhere and the locals call them villages) and bought a plastic bin and some color coordinating ‘grilling equipment’, such as:  rubber pot holders, marinating brush, and spatula.  I then went to the store and purchased a few nice BBQ spice rubs and sauces to include in the gift basket as well.  I had my son write his teacher a card to top off the gift baskets contents. 
I LOVED how this turned out and even better…his teacher said that he grills EVERY Sunday afternoon, even in the snow, and that this was the perfect gift for him.  I was thrilled that is was received so well and really enjoyed hunting for the perfect items to include in this teacher appreciation gift for my son’s wonderful teacher! 
Hope this inspires you to think outside of the box and find that personalized gift for your child’s teacher-they deserve it. 

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