July 15, 2018

Black Forest Glass Blowing

If you are looking for something truly unique to do when you visit the Black Forest, then look no further!  We decided to try glass blowing on a whim after my wonderful co worker suggested it.  I thought it would be a time killer and a little something extra to do, but it ended up being one of the highlights of our trip.
Dorotheenhutte Glasshutte Wolfach is about 20 minutes from Triberg, Germany.  Triberg is like the cuckoo clock capital of the world.  Although a very small village/town, it's worth the trip.  You could walk around, see the falls, buy a cuckoo clock, etc. easily in a 2 day trip.  The glass house was an awesome stop right before entering into Triberg.

View of the Glasshutte from the parking lot

Entrance into the shop and restaurant (free bathrooms are on the outside on the right)
We went on a weekday and it was not busy at all.  We got there a little after noon and had lunch at the restaurant attached to the Glasshutte (Glasshouse).  It was affordable and good and gave us a boost after driving for 3 hours. 
Restaurant has outside and indoor seating
After lunch, we went to the desk and asked about the glass blowing info.  They were super sweet and spoke good English.  We were told that all we had to do was pay for the 'tour'.  This was a self guided tour through a little museum area, included viewing the glass blowers and the option to blow our own vase at an additional cost.  We paid, went through, and saw the set up and a small line.
If you want to blow your own vase, you pick a number and wait.  While you wait you can watch them blow other peoples vases and take a cute photo (like the one below) or watch a tutorial video they have in a separate room on how the entire operation works. 
You can see your number on the little light up screen on the platform, so you can know how many people are ahead of you.  Once they get to your number you go up and tell them the size, shape, colors, and design you want your vase to be.  There are a LOT of options displayed in front of the glass blowing area, so you should look and decide what you want while waiting for your number.  My kids had a great time personalizing their vase!  After you've told the craftsman your choices, you are permitted to go up on the platform for a close up look at them making your vase.  You also are able to blow your own vase!  
This was super cook for my kiddos (8 and 11 years old).  There are plastic disposable mouth pieces given to you that are free that you use at the end of the blowing pole, so don't worry about germs.lol.  The craftsmen will direct you on when to blow and the amount of pressure, etc. 
It's such a neat experience!  After you blow your vase, the craftsman allows you to tap it to disconnect the vase from the pole.
My mom tapping the glass to separate her vase 
You get a certificate of authentication and pay on the spot for your vase.  For the vase and the entire glass blowing experience it's only 18 Euro! Then they line your vase up, give you a number that designates which vase is yours, and send you on your way to explore the museum or watch other vases get made, etc. while you wait for your own vase to dry. 
Our vases lined up to cool

Exploring the Museum section while our vases cool.  
My vase is #18 and here is my certificate of authentication
This takes about 20 minutes.  When your vase is cool, you go pick it up and walk to another room where they sand the top down for you and make it all smooth. 
Getting our vases sanded smooth on top
All done!
The Glasshutte is great because there are tons of rooms for purchasing glass blown items:  vases, jewelry, Christmas ornaments, plates, bowls, etc.  There's a small kids play room for the kids to be while you look around and there is an entire Christmas shop with TONS of items to look at and purchase.   It's adorable on the outside as well.  Give yourself at least 2 hours, but you could easily spend 4 if you include lunch (which is what we did).

Has lots of parking, which is free
Public (CLEAN & FREE) restrooms
Restaurant attached
Kids play room
Website:  https://www.dorotheenhuette.info/1/
Address:  Glashuttenweg 4, 77709
Wolfach 07834

Visit without guided tour:
any time during the opening hours
daily from9:00 a.m. - 5:00 pm
admission until4:30 pm

Glassblowing for visitors:
daily from9:00 a.m. - 5:00 pm
admission until4:30 pm
price per vase:18,00 EUR
Individual fees tour*without guided tourincluding guided tour
Family ticket
(2 adults, up to 4 children)
15,00 EUR18,00 EUR
Adults6,00 EUR7,00 EUR
Reduced Fee
(students over 18, seniors citizens, disabled persons, people doing military service)
5,00 EUR6,00 EUR
School children 
(6 to 18 years, free admission under 6 years)

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