January 06, 2017

Metz Cathedral

If you are wanting to visit a Cathedral for the books-Metz is one of them. 

The Metz Cathedral has the most stained glass of any cathedral in the entire WORLD!
It’s gorgeous!  My pictures do not do it justice.
I went with my mom to visit and explore Metz France and this was a must on our list.  We found it with no problem at all.  Once you drive into Metz, the top of the cathedral is visible from nearly every direction.
Once inside, prepare to spend at least 90 minutes. 
We went in late December and it was very cold outside, but almost as cold inside.  You’ll end up keeping your coat on while you walk around.
They have free brochures in English that you can walk around with, including a description of numbered areas in the cathedral.

Each stopping point has some information about what you are looking at that includes a translation in English at the bottom. 
To visit the cathedral, it is free.  But if you would like to visit the crypt and treasury, you must pay 6 euro/person.  We did this, and for us it was worth it.  The cathedral staff provide you with a history and talking paper for the crypt and the treasury in lots of different languages.  It was very accommodating and made it so that we knew what we were looking at and able to appreciate it more since we could read it all in English. 
One of the displays in the Treasury

In the Crypt

In the Crypt

Treasury display
It was breathtaking to view all the stained glass and a great way to see France for the first time.

Things to know:

Hours:  Sun - Sat 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Location: About 1 hour and 15 minutes from Spangdahlem. 
Cathedral Address:  Place D'Armes, 5700 Metz, France
(there is a Metz tourist/information office across the street from the Cathedral.  We bought a Metz map for .50 euro that told us where historic sites and landmarks were in the city).
Picture courtesy of google maps app

Picture courtesy of google maps app

Cathedral: FREE (additional 6 euro for the crypt and treasury-you get access to both rooms with the 6 euro)
There is a little gift/souvenir booth inside the church
You can talk (quietly) inside the church and take pictures
Parking:  If you drive past the front of the cathedral, on the right is a parking lot where you pay hourly in advance.  But to the left of that parking lot, there is underground parking.  This is VERY tight parking.  My jeep fit, but I had to pull in my side mirrors to fit through the underground parking.  This was better parking for us.  If you travel Europe, a lot of times you pay for parking in advance from a parking meter machine, put the ticket on your car dash and then make sure to return to your car before that time expires.  The underground parking was better, because we didn’t pay until we were ready to leave. This meant we were not on any time constraints. 
Underground Parking address:  Rue D'Estrees, 5700, Metz, France
Picture courtesy of google maps app

Picture courtesy of google maps app

Restrooms: Beside the underground parking garage, to the left, are bathrooms.  These are free and they are actually very clean for public restrooms.
The opening to the right in the photo is the underground parking. 
The smaller door opening to the left in the photo is the restrooms. 
Picture courtesy of google map app
There are TONS of places to eat around that area, as well as lots of shopping!

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