January 01, 2017

Metz France-Ice Sculptures 2017

Metz France! OO La la!

I recently went to Metz and fell in love with the area.  I took my mom to the cathedral there (you can read my post on the Cathedral here) and Christmas markets.  While walking around, we stumbled across the ice sculptures. 
We returned with my kids, the following week and walked into a (very) cold Disney wonder land.
(We went last year to the ice sculptures, which were in Belgium.  The theme last year was Star Wars-2015).  So, we knew how to prepare for the cold and what to expect.  Each year the sculpture theme changes and the location rotates throughout Europe.

This year the theme was Disney.

You could take your picture in Cinderella's coach.

Beauty and the Beast

I can almost hear her saying "mirror mirror on the wall.."
The dome is 1400 sqm filled with about 600 tons of ice that many talented ice sculptors formed into some of our favorite Disney characters.  This year, there was 33 sculptures-including an ice slide. 

The ice slide is great and because the dome is kept at -6C, there is no condensation at all so your toosh doesn’t get wet.  While my kids were enjoying the slide MANY times, my mom and I enjoyed a nice hot cup of hot chocolate and Gluhwein (2 Euro/each). 

We loved it and it was a great way to spend half of a day, walking around the surrounding Christmas markets and enjoying the ice sculptures.

Things to know:

Where:  Metz, France (about 1 hr. 15 minutes from Spangdahlem)

Dress:  Hats and gloves are a MUST!  My kids wear their snowsuits/pants and long johns as well.  This year we weren’t freezing, but last we froze b/c we did not know how extremely cold it would be in the dome.

-Open daily from 10am to 8pm 
-Prices:  Adults-  are 12 euro each, kids (4-11) are 8 euro each, kids under 3 are free        
-Parking:  Parking Republique is the closest, but it's only about a 10 min. walk from the cathedral.                                   

-Go during the week to avoid the crowds

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