November 02, 2011

Activities for a scrapbooker at heart who has no time

Some weekends, before having children, would be used to document my husband and I's travels and experiences of our life.  Mostly I would scrapbook what we did while we were stationed in Japan.  We were in Northern Japan...Misawa Japan.  Misawa was about 8 hours north of Tokyo.  I loved having vibrant pages to tell our story of visiting surrounding cities for lantern parades, salmon festivals, visits to the open fish market, temples and shrines, etc.  But, as one may find when children come along...there is not too much time for scrapbooking.  And once your little one is at the age where there is a regular nap time scheduled where you may find some quiet time, then who has the space to have all your scrapbooking supplies and materials set out?  In a 1 1/2 hour nap time I would spend 20 minutes getting my supplies out, 20 minutes trying to get the page idea and layout configured and then had to make sure that I left myself enough time to put up the supplies before my little monkey would awake and get into my swiggly scissors.  With baby scrapping paper I bought still not touched from 4 years ago when I dreamed of scrapbooking all of my sons accomplishments and milestones, I have succomed to the realization that I most likely will never get those pages done. 
But, surprise!  my womens bible study at church needed a volunteer to do the small group table labels and name tags for all 60 women.  volunteer?????  hello!  I was all over that!  I went a little overboard but had so much fun breaking out my dusty old tools and paper.  There really was no theme...just for them to look cute.  It felt good to do something with all those supplies that were just sitting there and make them into something useful for these women.  I loved it!

(Sorry it's a little blurry, but I wanted to make it so that the womens names were not totally legible to the public.)

I have also enjoyed making my own cards and gift tags for presents and every day occasions.  I even made my mother a scrapbook cookbook for Christmas last year.  I filled it with favorite recipes along with pictures, old and new, of her 3 grandkids.  Lets just say, she loved it enough to make it a piece of decor on her coffee table.

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