November 26, 2011

Kids and Hand Washing

Have you ever seen kids more excited about washing their hands?

Well, thanks to the Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System, my kids fight over washing their hands first.  It's great.  My only problem was they love using it so much, that I have to closely monitor them or I'll hear the soap 'rrrrrr' of dispensing 3 or 4 times before I can stop them.  But hey, whose to complain when the kids are gleefully washing their hands clean of dirt and germs.

However, it is super expensive to purchase the soap refills for the dispensers.  When I made a comment to my hubby about the cost of the refill on this wonderful soap system we LOVE, he simply said..."why don't you just pop the top off and refill it on your own?".  WHAT?!  I knew I married him for a reason...
So, here is how my wonderful husband taught me to refill this soaps for this system.

First, you slide a spoon under the cap and just elevate the spoon by the handle to pop off the top.

Refill with your soap of choice that you have previously purchased.  Pop the top back on and you are good to go.  Just insert it back into the dispenser. 


  1. I have put off buying one of those system for the same reason. How often does the kiddos go through a bottle? Also, have you noticed any difference as far as how the system is working after you refill the bottle?


  2. G-I have noticed no differenct in the system when I added my own soap. I was worried it might get clogged, but it works perfectly. I've been refilling the systems for the past 3 months. The kids go through a bottle about once a month. I cannot praise this system enough and how it make hand washing fun and less messy for the little ones. It's so much easier for them than pumping the soap. I LOVE it:)
    Thanks for posting G!


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