November 15, 2011

The outrageous step I took for my sanity

So, today was windy and chilly outside.  Too cold to play outside with a sick little girl.  But, with an energetic 4 year old son, what is a stay at home mom to do to ensure a good nap.  (Frankly, I needed a good nap too from being up the past few nights with my sick little one).

I had previously searched for months for a good sale on small bouncy houses for kids.  I've been looking for a while. Our last winter was so harsh, that I have started to prepare a way to get energy out of my kids with a bit of (not so typical) exercise for this coming up winter.  Some friends gave us this idea when they put up a bouncy house in their garage and surrounded it by those great foam puzzle piece mats. 

Last week I found a great deal on a small bounce house-thank you  (I was not looking for one big enough for birthday parties, but just for my two munchkins). 
We were going to save it for a Christmas present, but this morning I just had to bite the bullet and give in...with my hubby out hunting and me with the kids and the foul weather spoiling our, fun I broke out the bouncy house.

After establishing a few house rules, I put it up in the living room.  My house looks like a Chuck E. Cheese's, but at least my sanity is saved.  Don't Judge...:)  A gals got to do what a gals got to do.

Merry Early Christmas!


  1. such a good idea! Can Claire come over and burn off some energy?

  2. Would love to have Claire Bear over!


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