February 22, 2012

Easy Salmon

I am not a fish food lover at all!  However, after being stationed in northern Japan for 4 years I love salmon.  (it's the only fish I'll eat). 
In fact my husband caught a live salmon, with his own two hands out of the water, at a festival one time and we took it home to grill. It was the best thing I have ever eaten!  That's my man!

When I came across individual salmon fillets, frozen (yes, I said frozen) I was extremely skeptical.  I bought 2 fillets because the price was unbelievable.  I defrosted the salmon and pan fried them up for dinner that night.  

Here is how I pan fried our salmon:
Salmon does not have to be drowned in seasoning to taste good.
~Coat a frying pan with some extra virgin olive oil.
~Throw about a tablespoon of butter in the pan as well.  All on medium/low heat.
~Add your salmon to the pan
(although I'm sure you can, I did not cover the pan as the salmon cooked)
~Add some salt, pepper, and dill,to taste, over the top of the salmon
~I also squeezed lemon juice over the entire thing at this point.
~When you start to see the salmon cook to about half way through, flip it gently.
~Add some more lemon juice all over the top.

When the salmon was finished (it all takes about less than 10 minutes) I placed it over some white rice I had cooked and sprinkled with a little teriyaki sauce. 
Such a light and a refreshingly delicious dinner.  We served it up with asparagus-YUM!
(The deal on the salmon was so great and the fillets so yummy that I went back and bought 8 more!)

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