February 25, 2012

You Know You Have Kids When...

You know you have kids when:

~You open up your pantry and find vehicles next to the snacks:

~Your refrigerator looks like this:
(notice the 'no fatboy' written out in the magnetic
alphabet that my husband placed on the fridge to
remind him not to snack:)

~You reach for a pan when beginning to cook dinner and you find a 'snake' in the cabinet:

~A shelf in your stockpile looks similar to this:

~You have 2 toilets AND a stool in every bathroom in the house

~You clean your back patio door about 2X's a week and it still looks like this:

 A grandmother once told me that her back door had handprints all over it from when her grandchildren came to visit.  Her daughter asked, in dismay, why they were still there on the door looking filthy.  The gradmother responded that it was a beautiful, constant reminder of her precious grandchildren and all the memories the visit had left behind. 
Kids bring such joy:  even if it is the form of a messy window, or a bathroom not looking as soafisticated as we desire. 
It's the little things that should remind us of what a blessing they truly are and the love they enable our hearts to feel is when we" know we have kids"....

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh, the two toilets AND a stool drives me CRAZY!!!! The two bathrooms the boys use are really small too, so you don't even really have room to move with all that junk in there.


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