February 01, 2012

Mother of Inventions

(you can't see it well, but my son has a huge smile on his face)
So, my hubby went to a Kansas City Chiefs game and it was freezing outside.  What to do with 2 kiddos with severe cabin fever?  Mix it up a little bit.
I found 2 pieces of poster board and was wondering what I could do with them to keep the kids entertained...giant painting canvases, pirate scopes, and then it hit me! 
Race Car Tunnels!
With a little bit of packaging tape, the right slope, all the cars in the house that would fit through the rolled up poster board, and baskets to catch the winners-here's what we came up with.  It ain't pretty, but you are welcome to use the idea when you are desperate for TV free entertainment for your little ones.  It's simple but the kids loved it!

1 comment:

  1. Lyd,
    What a great idea. Almost free of costs.
    love it...val


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