March 20, 2012

Pizza Pockets

I thought I would change things up for dinner and make homemade pizza pockets. 
Here is what you'll need: 
One tube of Pillsbury pizza crust
Fixings for pizza:  Mozzarella cheese
                              Pizza sauce ( I just used jarred marinara sauce)
                              Pepperoni, etc.

I rolled out the pizza crust on my floured counter top to get more out of my buck.  I took a pizza cutter and cut out 4 oblong triangles.  One for each person.  Then I filled my dough triangles with my pizza fixings.  Be sure to not over stuff. Then I folded my triangles over and pinched the edges closed. they are not pretty, but taste yummy).
 Cook according to Pillsbury pizza dough direction. 

The shape made for easy dipping in ranch dressing for my son. 


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