March 01, 2012

Tents Make it All Better

When it rains, tears pour. 
At least on some rainy days that seems to be how my house feels.  Kids seem to be restless and nothing seems to entertain them. 
What to do, what to do?
Break out our wonderful Ikea tent and make sure to make things a little more different to peak the kid's interest in their toys.
So, I set up the tent (which takes 5 minutes) and added some play pit balls inside along with some blankets.  I also set up one of the dozen train tracks we have on the coffee table as apposed to the train table as usual.  I put Lilly's baby station in a different spot than normal.
Guess what happened?...Children played joyfully for the rest of the morning.  The same toys that were out minutes prior, that were so boring, instantly took on a new light once moved around a bit.  And, lets not forget the key rule to a rainy day...
Tents make it all better.

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