March 11, 2012

What Do You Do With a Huge White Wall?

Living in base housing sometimes presents itself with decorating dilemmas.
If you paint, you always have to remember that you will be moving in the near future and will have to repaint everything you do to the white wall it was.  Also, you psych yourself out of doing too much work and putting too much of your heart into the decor because you will eventually leave it.
So, instead of doing a creative paint job on a huge white wall in our dining room, I went a different route.  With the brainstorming of my mother and the convenience of Michael's arts and crafts store (which is inconveniently about 1 1/2 hours away), we came up with personalized bulletin boards. 
Massive bulletin boards.
Here is what 2 years of adding pictures, projects, cards, etc.  looks like to home decor in a military house.  We are thinking of moving the 2 over a bit and adding a 3rd one.  Time will tell.

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  1. Had a similar dilemma. Made a huge flower from a hula hoop, 75 coffee filters, and hot glue. Total $3 and big 36 inch impact on wall. You can dye the coffee filters to add color if you want. It's on Pinterest. I covered the hula hoop with coffee filters first to hide it's color since I wanted a big white flower. Just flatten coffee filters a little and start gluing them around the hoop slowly work your way to center. I used twisted gray grocery sacks to make a center for my flower and no one can believe it.


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