January 21, 2012

Ear tubes-again!

So, almost a year ago my daughter had 8 back to back ear infections.  After the 8th one our pediatrician finally gave us the go ahead for tubes.  I was worried and had weighed the benefits and looked into chiropractic alignment as a possible cure for the constant ear infections along with homeopathic remedies.  But, tubes seemed to be the answer for our little love bug.  She fared well and we have only had one ear infection since the tubes and that was over the Christmas weekend.  The reason why she had an ear infection...her tube in her left ear has become dislodged and is not in the proper placement to be draining any fluid.  How do I know this?  I took her in this week to the ENT and that's what his exam revealed.  She is on meds to prevent the current fluid in her ear from becoming a full blown ear infection and in 3 weeks if the meds don't work it is new tubes.  uggh!  I am not looking forward to this due to my husband being in the Air Force and there are no 'sick days' in the Air Force.  So, I most likely will have to juggle surgery, my sons preschool schedule, and taking care of my daughter during recovery on my own. 
I'll keep you all updated.  But you may be seeing a post about our second go round with ear tubes in about a month.:)

Here is how my sweet little girl looked a year ago when she got he tubes in initially.  (this is at lunchtime after a couple of hours crying non stop).

This is how my angel of a son dealt with her nonstop crying for hours.  He was an absolute saint!

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  1. The ear muffs on Noah are just hilarious.I'm sorry Lilly us dealing with this stuff again


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