January 26, 2012

Painting with Ice Cubes

I totally stole this idea from my high school friend that has her own blog that's magnificent.  I love this idea because we do art projects and painting constantly.  This makes things a little different which in turn makes it more fun for the kiddos.  This is the first time Lilly has gotten to paint with ice cubes and both my munchkins loved it. 
I put a piece of paper on a paper towel to absorb extra moisture from the melting ice cube and put the paper towel and paper in a pan to keep everything contained.  We use washable paint so the cleanup on the pans is super easy. 

Put a few drops of paint on the paper, place an ice cube on the paper and let the kids smear the colors all around.  I gave my kids a plastic fork to help move the ice around but they liked using their own hands to move the ice cube around.  This was a little more messy, but not bad.

Loved how they turned out!


  1. so cute & creative..a idea for when Claire gets older..right now, I think she'd just try to suck on the ice.haha

  2. What a fun idea? What kind of paint did you use? My 5 year old granddaughter would enjoy this.


  3. We just used Crayola washable fingerpaints. That's ALL we ever use:) It's comes out and off of everything.


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