January 18, 2012

Kids and Computers

I'm one of those mothers who hates it when my kids watch something on TV that doesn't teach them a valuable lesson.  They are so deprived, I know!
The same goes for the computer.  My son loves to play the PBS kids games and his eye hand coordination and problem solving skills have improved from using the computer and playing these educational games.  My daughter is at the age now that she can benefit from certain online programs too.  Below (in no particular order) are the top 3 of my kids and I's favorite free websites with educational games for them to play.  My children are 4 years old and 2 years old, so the below websites are based on their educational levels.

Veggie Tales Website for Games

PBS kids

Starfall's (one of my favorites-what my daughter is playing in the picture below)


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the website suggestions, we've visited all but the Veggie Tales so we'll have to check that one out. M&M really enjoy KneeBouncers as well.


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