January 24, 2012

I'm a Redhead!

Ah, the joys of changing my hair color by the season...I'm currently a redhead.  I have been about every color in the rainbow, it seems like, throughout my life.  I usually do red in the winter and blond in the summer.  I would've liked a darker red, but this is what came out and it's good for right now.
I got a great deal on hair color with a Walgreens sale and a coupon and got each box of hair dye for $3.  I picked up 4 boxes, all different colors.  It's not like if I don't like the color I can't wear a hat for a couple of days and dye it again.  I once went to church with burgundy hair and matched the pews.  I was not going to miss church! 
So, here I am:)
I used Clairol foam 6R-light auburn.  I have to say that I like the no drip formula of the foam but if you've ever tried it you know that it has the worst smell.  It's not like a normal hair dye smell...it's like a peroxide stinky sock smell.  It takes about 2-3 days to wash that smell out.  Yuck.  But, I had never tried the foam and it was a great promotional price for the right color.

I also love this blog and the hair demo she posted this past Friday was fun to try out on myself.  Her hair is about 5 times thicker than mine, but I gave it a shot.  It was nice to curl my hair and feel 'pretty'.  I might actually paint my fingernails tonight.  Watch out!  I'm on a roll!

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